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Time efficient

Save time

Bevov will find qualified, interview-ready candidates within 72 hours... 4x faster than existing recruiting solutions.

Cost efficient

Spend less

Recruiting with Bevov is 5x more cost efficient than using an external recruiting firm or scaling your internal recruiting team.

Time efficient

Hire top-quality candidates

Bevov's proprietary AI candidate matching technology increases candidate quality 5x over, ensuring that only the best are presented.

A better way to hire

Without Bevov

The traditional recruiting process is time-consuming and expensive: sourcing through job boards, social media, and your company career page, and screening by assessing and qualifying each candidate individually.

without bevov

With Bevov

Let us handle the sourcing and screening process, so you can jump straight into interviewing the most qualified people for the job.

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How Bevov works

  • Tell us who you want.

    Bevov will gather information about your open position, including the job description, technical and soft skills, and qualification requirements. In short: tell us what kind of candidate you are looking for!

  • We'll find them for you.

    Bevov's Sourcing Optimization Engine, Qualifications, Technical Assessments, and AI Matching will shortlist the most qualified, interview-ready candidates for the job before a Bevov SuperRecruiter sends them your way.

  • Interview and hire.

    We will schedule the initial interview for you. From here, the only thing left for you to do is hire!


Jobs Bevov fills

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associate

Experience performing medical research, particularly clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Assistant

Clinical Trial Assistant

Experience providing administrative support of clinical trials.

clinical data manager

Clinical Data Manager

Experience collecting and reporting data from clinical trials.

Lab Engineer

Project Manager

Experience planning, budgeting, overseeing, and documenting all aspects of a project.

Statistical Programmer

Statistical Programmer

Experience working CDISC standards and developing reports.



Experience collecting, analyzing, and interpreting conclusions for data.

Medical writer

Medical writer

Experience compiling, writing and editing medical writing deliverables for submission.



Experience conducting research on microorganisms, documenting findings, and writing reports.

Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Experience designing, formulating, and executing experimental studies.

Research Engineer

Research Engineer

Experience receiving, labeling, and analyzing samples for testing and experimentation.

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