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Why use Bevov?

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20x Faster!

Whether you have internal recruitment teams or not, Bevov can effortlessly line up multiple interviews with the most talented candidates in the industry. You'll get your first candidate interview in under 72 hours.

Cost efficient

3x More Affordable

Bevov's patent-pending Artificial Intelligence sources, qualifies, schedules interviews automatically, so you can eventually hire the absolute best talent. Using digital platforms we're able to save on resources, and we pass this savings on to you, improving your bottom line by up to 300%.

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Only Top Talent

Our intelligent candidate matching technology ensures that you are only matched with candidates that are in the top 3%, leading to less time investment and better long-term hires.

How Bevov works

  • Automatic Sourcing:

    Bevov will gather information about your open positions, including the job descriptions, technical and soft skills, and qualification requirements and compare that data with the nation's largest database of interview-ready BioPharma experienced candidates.

  • Intelligent Matching:

    Bevov's Sourcing Optimization Engine, Qualifications, Technical Assessments, and AI Matching will shortlist the most qualified, interview-ready candidates for the job before a Bevov SuperRecruiter sends them your way.

  • Seamless Scheduling:

    Our system will communicate with the applicant and schedule interviews without your team lifting a finger.


A new way to find top BioPharma Talent

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The traditional talent sourcing process is extremely time-consuming, expensive, and fragmented! Sourcing through many job boards, social media sites, company career pages, and screening by assessing and qualifying each candidate individually yourself is ridiculous and inefficient.

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With Bevov :)

Our AI-enabled talent sourcing platform effortlessly matches your open roles to the largest database of qualified, interview-ready candidates in the world. We handle all sourcing, matching, pre-vetting, and even scheduling for your interviews using our patent-pending software. The result? Better talent to help your company change the world, faster!

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Just a Sample of Some BioPharma Roles Bevov Can Source For Your Team

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associate

Experience performing medical research, particularly clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Assistant

Clinical Trial Assistant

Experience providing administrative support of clinical trials.

clinical data manager

Clinical Data Manager

Experience collecting and reporting data from clinical trials.

Lab Engineer

Project Manager

Experience planning, budgeting, overseeing, and documenting all aspects of a project.

Statistical Programmer

Statistical Programmer

Experience working CDISC standards and developing reports.



Experience collecting, analyzing, and interpreting conclusions for data.

Medical writer

Medical writer

Experience compiling, writing and editing medical writing deliverables for submission.



Experience conducting research on microorganisms, documenting findings, and writing reports.

Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Experience designing, formulating, and executing experimental studies.

Research Engineer

Research Engineer

Experience receiving, labeling, and analyzing samples for testing and experimentation.