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Top 5 Resumes

Bevov uses artificial intelligence to shortlist the Top 5 candidates out of hundreds of sourced resumes. Bevov gives recruiters 10-15 hours of their time to focus on engaging with the right candidates.


Use Bevov to build an engaging career page, create assessment tests, shortlist the Top 5 candidates, track applicants, schedule interviews, discover talent, and send offer letters -- all in one place.


Bevov streamlines the recruiting process. The platform seamlessly guides users through the different stages of recruiting.

How it works?

Engage candidates with a branded career page. When you integrate with Bevov, we redesign career web pages so that applicants get a strong sense of your brand and company culture.
Source resumes through various channels. Bevov brings in a diverse set of high quality candidates by distributing job openings on:
  • Job boards like Indeed, Google Jobs, Glassdoor
  • Social media
  • Your company's career page
  • Referral sites
Based on data points including skill set matching and years of experience before candidates take your assessment test.
Create customized tests or use one of Bevov's preset templates to determine candidates' technical and/or behavioral skills. Bevov's machine learning algorithms use these results to further screen candidates.
Bevov uses machine learning algorithms, knowledge graphs, and natural language processing to determine the Top 5 candidates so that recruiters can immediately reach out to those whose skills are best suited for the position.
Rediscover talent from existing pool of candidates. Bevov's talent discovery feature can scan 1000's of uploaded resumes to reconnect recruiters with passive candidates.
Collaborate with hiring managers and track progress. Bevov's ATS manages candidate profiles, schedules video interviews, and outlines candidate progress. The candidate relationship manager feature makes it easy to directly email, engage with, and make notes about applicants.
Associate companies, departments and hiring managers for relevant candidate.
Gain important insights to improve recruiting strategy. Bevov's intelligent dashboard displays straightforward metrics to help organizations learn more about their applicant pool.

Why Bevov?

Jen Doskow

Edge Connection

" I've been most impressed with Bevov's ability to quickly implement ideas and suggestions I’ve offered for this amazing tool. "

Chris Ortega

Nuvola Staffing

" Your (Bevov) customer service is way better than LinkedIn "


HCB Report 2016

" The average time it takes to fill a given position is 42 days "

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