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Sample of Life Science roles Bevov can source for your team

Clinical Research Associate

Experience performing medical research, particularly clinical trials.

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Clinical Trial Assistant

Experience providing administrative support of clinical trials.

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Clinical Data Manager

Experience collecting and reporting data from clinical trials.

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Project Manager

Experience planning, budgeting, overseeing, and documenting all aspects of a project.

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Experience collecting, analyzing, and interpreting conclusions for data.

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Experience conducting research on microorganisms, documenting findings, and writing reports.

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Research Scientist

Experience designing, formulating, and executing experimental studies.

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Research Engineer

Experience receiving, labeling, and analyzing samples for testing and experimentation.

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Statistical Programmer

Experience working CDISC standards and developing reports.

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Medical Writer

Experience compiling, writing and editing medical writing deliverables for submission.

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Sales and Marketing

Experience promoting and selling a Life Science product or service to potential customers.

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Quality Control and Assurance

Experience in prevention and detecting defects and deviations.

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If you're a biotech recruiter, you know that there's a lot of information and evaluation that goes into selecting a prime candidate. What experience does the person have with a certain medical device? How long has the person worked in the Life Science and life sciences industry? What about soft skills?

While we do encourage taking whatever steps are necessary to be as informed as possible, our process is specially designed to ensure that Life Science organizations and life sciences organizations are only brought together with candidates that match their specific requirements.

Therefore, you shouldn't need to cover the basics considering that our AI-driven process does so optimally.

Yes. One of the hardest things as a life sciences recruiter is trying to get through large numbers of potential candidates to find the person you're looking for. Within 72 hours, we can guarantee interview-ready candidates who perfectly align with the qualifications required and your organizational culture.

You can say goodbye to the arduous process of determining who to interview in the first place and second-guessing your decisions.

We help clinical research organizations to find suitable talent at all levels. Remember that our purpose here is to meet whatever needs you have established. Some of the roles that we can assist with are:

  1. Project manager
  2. Microbiologist
  3. Clinical research associate
  4. Clinical data manager
  5. Statistical programmer
  6. Medical writer
  7. Research engineer
  8. Research scientist

Yes. Life sciences resources are best spent on the research. Therefore, you may require assistance where staffing solutions are concerned. Traditionally, the way to do this would be to lean on the assistance of standard life sciences recruitment agencies.

To this end, you would effectively turn over all or a part of the process of recruitment to an external entity. This will include technology, staff, reporting, methodologies, etc. Both design and management of the process are offloaded. Sure, you are no longer accountable for the results, but does that make it more efficient?

Bevov offers full service Life Science recruitment but we don’t need to take over your recruitment function. We use an AI-driven process to help you source qualified passive and active candidates faster than before!

Please visit our demo page to schedule a 30-minute session.

Let's compare what you have come to expect from traditional recruitment methods with what Bevov can offer you. Some of the immediate upsides are:

  1. Elimination of inherent human bias in the screening of candidates, thanks to the use of AI technology
  2. Greater likelihood of a diverse hiring style since candidates are being objectively selected based on the extent to which they match the profile the job is looking for
  3. Bevov will find qualified, interview-ready candidates within 72 hours... 4x faster than existing recruiting solutions
  4. Recruiting with Bevov is 5x more cost-efficient than using an external recruiting firm or scaling your internal recruiting team
  5. Bevov's proprietary AI candidate matching technology increases candidate quality 5x over, ensuring that only the best are presented to you

Let's say you're in the Life Science or Life Sciences industry built on clinical research. Perhaps you indicate to a candidate sourcing firm that you're interested in a medical writer. Technically speaking, if that firm were to find someone looking for a medical writer opportunity and set up an interview, a service would've been provided.

What about the qualifications? What about the personality fit? Is the relevant experience there? Are there any conflicts of interest to know about? Shouldn't there have been a vetting process?

The idea of a full-service offering is the peace of mind of knowing that by the time the interview begins, you know you're talking to a candidate who is the exact person you've been looking for.

Some of the most Life Science innovative companies are using Bevov to find life sciences professionals. These include:

  • Rigel
  • Seqens
  • GeminiBio
  • Imanis Life Services
  • AltPep
  • Arvinas
  • Natera
  • BioMarin
  • Bolt Therapeutics

No.We do have different flexibly designed plans that allow you to get whatever level of service delivery you need. For example, the "sourcing" tier, while it offers quality interested candidates and easy interview scheduling, it will not include a background check as the "full service" tier would.

For more information on the different options available, you can visit our pricing page.

It's not hard at all. Considering we make everything else about the process so easy, scheduling the interview needed to be a breeze, and it is. All you need is one click, and you're ready to have an all-important discussion with a pre-vetted candidate.

Yes. Our methods lean on an impressive talent pool consisting of a network of approximately 1.5 million Life Science professionals. This is supplemented by educational institutions and 150+ job boards.

Please visit our demo page to schedule a 30-minute session.

There are different ways to answer this. From a success perspective, look no further than the slew of clients we have already satisfied.

From a security perspective, you can rest assured that we highly prioritize the confidentiality of both client and candidate data, only sharing on a need-to-know basis.