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Bevov is looking for an extraordinary people to join our team to help build best recruiting tools to help companies hire better and faster. An inspirational and fun working environment, an agile and an innovation-driven company, projects with purpose and an incredibly talented team are just a few reasons why you will love it here.


Current Openings

Job title : Digital Marketing Intern
About Us
Our mission is simple: we recruit for you. 
Bevov is an all-in-one recruitment platform that streamlines a company's recruiting process through the use of artificial intelligence. Automate sourcing, screening, and selection of candidates with Bevov; saving 15+ hours per week. Use Bevov to explore candidates, shortlist the Top-5 candidates, build an engaging career page, create assessment tests, source candidates, track applicants, schedule interviews, discover talent, and send offer letters. Bevov makes recruiting easy and seamlessly guides users through the different stages of recruiting all in one place, from start to finish.

About the Opportunity
Working as a Digital Marketing Intern at Bevov, you would work full-time at our office location. This is a fantastic opportunity for anybody interested in with college credits:
  1. Marketing
  2. Creating content
  3. Working in a start-up/professional business environment
  4. Learning new skills

As Bevov continues to grow, we will need highly-motivated and focused people, that are agile learners and invested in helping build our brand. We are looking for someone who can elevate the marketing team, and promote growth through the offering of Bevov’s platform and approach to recruiting. This role will require passion and dedication to creating meaningful connections with our customers. 

The Team

Join our close-knit team here in Bevov’s beautiful office, which works both directly and remotely with members of other teams. We may have a variety of skills, interests, and backgrounds, but our team has one thing in common, we want to transform the world of recruiting!

If this information interests you to any degree, please don’t hesitate to apply. Bevov will find a way for you to fit in, contribute, and succeed. We want to grow, and we can’t do it without you! 

0 to 2 (Yrs)



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Sausalito, CA